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Minecraft EDU MSI Deployment

Guide for deploying Minecraft EDU MSI on a network via Group Policies

Prepare Minecraft EDU MSI Files

Download the latest Minecraft EDU desktop installer .exe file from (choose the Windows Desktop - the latest version at time of writing is MinecraftEducationEdition_x86_1.12.61.0.exe)

Run the exe file eg: MinecraftEducationEdition_x86_1.12.61.0.exe When the installer stops at the first prompt, open the folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Studios\Minecraft Education Edition\install

Copy the folder within this folder eg the called to your deployment share on your network.

Minecraft EDU also includes two separate extensions - Classroom mode and Code Connection. Download the classroom mode MSI file from Download Code Connection from here: Copy both of these .msi files to your deployment share on your network.

Deploy Minecraft EDU using Group Policies

Deploy the MinecraftEducationEdition_x86_1.12.61.0.msi, ClassroomModeSetup.msi and CodeConnection.msi files using group policies.